Question from ValaSG

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Eels?

Trying to prove Vincent innocent and Chef Gino needs 10 eels before he will help me. I have 4, but I am sick of fishing. I have probably been fishing for 4 game weeks now. Joseph has not told me how to fish for eels yet either. The best I can do is a quick zig zag at the top left corner of Little Lea Lake. Anybody got a quicker way to get 10 eels??????

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You can get them at little sea lake at night

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Or you can go 2 the house that needs a key in the meadows that body of water has them 2 but it takes a little while...

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It does work but it works quite rarely and i usually get guddys or whatever u call em

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How do i give the eels to Gino???

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