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Which pokemon is good as a HM slave? 28
Are there any disadvantages to evolving Eevee right away? 13
Where can I find a Heart Scale? 6
Where can i get a shiny stone? 5
Where can I find exp share? 3
How can I get celebi in heart gold and soul silver????? 7
What are all of the firestone locations? 4
How do you get past the guy in mahogany town to get to blackthorn city? 3
What's the difference between HeartGold and SoulSilver? 3
How can i delete my saved data? 2
Recent Questions Answers
My (eventual) team? 4
How do i defeat clair and lance double battle at the dragon den? 1
How do I beat Claire? 2
My magmar receives very little exp points. can someone help me? 0
If the pokewalker isnt mine, will it still work? 1
How Do I Beat Clair? 1
Help w/my staryu? 1
Help Beating Lance? 0
  • Total Recent Questions: 8
Unresolved Questions Answers
Pokemon level modifier (level +10 to all wild and trainer's pokemon) ? 2
My Ampharos is trying to learn Power Gem, what should I replace it with? 3
Do you have to defeat red before trying to get a shiny mewtwo or can you just get it as soon as you have access? 1
My game keeps freezing can someone help please? 2
How to ev train dratini? 2
Red's Lapras? 2
Jolteon (Brave) or Ampharos? 3
I can't migrate my Pokemon from emerald to heartgold? 0
There is no ds card inserted :/, I tried turning it on & off, putting the game cartridge in and out etc Help me? 1
Can you help me determine my sixth pkm? 3

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