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What is the framerate?

Is it much better than in DPP?

Do you have a number (40 fps, 50 fps, etc.)? Thanks!

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Grass_FTW answered:

all GBA pokemon games (FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby ,Sapphire and Emerald) use 60 FPS, But now because of the pseudo-3-D overworld in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver they resorted to 30 fFPS
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Shaman_king_yoh answered:

If you're talking about emulators, it depends on your computer, but I think it's lower for this games. In an original game you'd have a 60fps always ;)
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Enchurito answered:

Uh its a DS game that looks like a gameboy game, its gonna be something really pathetic anyway. Most pokemon games have like 5 frames of animation anyway.
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andibad answered:

Frame per secon this mean you see soft frame if high fs.
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andibad answered:

Is a some frame look in every secon. If high the game will smoth and if low is make game look no smoth.
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andibad answered:

Is 60fps is mean 60 frame per one second so look smothy.
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andibad answered:

I think max frame per second is 120 fps.
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andibad answered:

Is 120 fps for main film and standart for making film, flash movie, animation, anime, and much other. But sometimes can more tham 120 fps like hd dvd, and ect hd film, is more than 120 fps, but in game, max 120 fps and is standart, but frame per second mean 120 frame per second, 1 frame per 0.08 second, fast anime, and good grapic. Min 20 fps- max 120 fps. If have high fps , grapich card or game console must have high device quality to load game with high fps. But sometimes fps can called f/s, in photography f/s used symbol.
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andibad answered:

Fps in gif animation no same in film, video, video game. 5 frame in one second, after 5 second back animation again. More fps, anime, or video more look fast than low fps, in video, game, anime no always in same fps, in many condition fps can down automatic and up but many object, and 3d can down fps dramatic if enggine have hard work to load this. Bla bla bla. . .
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