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When can I Get the Gold Feather on my Pokemon Heart Gold?

Also give me detail information and after what Gym

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Kraleck answered:

Beat Team Rocket in Goldenrod Radio Tower for Rainbow Feather (HeartGold) or Silver Feather (SoulSilver).
Reach Pewter City and talk to an NPC for the other Feather.
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XKillerBlueX answered:

I think you get it after you beat team rocket in the radio tower a old man should give you the feather
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Shaman_king_yoh answered:

Yeah, well, the problem is that there's no such thing as "Gold Feather". If you're talking about the item for Lugia, it's Silver Feather, and in heart gold you get it once you reach Pewter City in Kanto.
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Im_Awsome answered:

You must defeat the kimono girls(in ecruteak city,all have evee evelutions) and Teem Rckt.
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Yoshi_Rider8 answered:

Once you beat the team Rocket in Goldenrod city, the raidio tower director will give you the Rainbow feather(or Silver wing for Soulsilver) but to make the legendary pokemon appear, you also need another object. The other object is the clear bell(or tidal bell for Soulsilver) which can be obtained by beating all the Kimono Girls in a row without rest, so I would suggest at least 2 level 35 pokemon. Once you do this you go to the bell tower(or whirl islands) you can catch Ho-Oh(or Lugia).
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Yoshi_Rider8 answered:

Do this after the 7th gym
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gamingmaster12 answered:

There's no such thing as Gold Feather. What you're talking about is the Rainbow Wing, if you're playing HeartGold.

You need to get seven badges to be able to obtain the Rainbow Wing.
All you need to do is to reach Mahogany Town and defeat Team Rocket, then get the Mahogany Town's gym badge, and then Professor Oak will call you automatically when you head out.
After that go to Goldenrod City again and defeat Team Rocket once more, which includes freeing the Director from the underground and defeating the Team Rocket Executive Archer in the Radio Tower, and the director will give the Rainbow Wing to you.
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TheBadNewsBear answered:

Not gold feather, Rainbow wing, after you beat team rocket in the radio tower the director gives you one, but its useless until you get the clear bell, only then will Ho-oh appear at the top of the bell tower. If you meant the silver wing, in Heart Gold, there is a man in Pewter City who gives it to you after talking about how he used to be a trainer. Then go to the Whirl Islands and Lugia will be there.
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