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Happiness rating?

I do not know how to see if my pokemon is at what grade of happiness, there is the music sign and the happy face sign and other signs so which one indicates what and when is the max happiness or rather what is the sign of it

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Sindel56 answered:

A woman in Goldenrod City can evaluate your lead Pokemon's level of happiness.
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andibad answered:

Max happy if you pokemon show love. . . And also show you pokemon condition. And angry, happy, weak, more ect. Symbol ? And ! Will show if you pokemon in some area. Any condition you get 2 confirmation.
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andibad answered:

This symbol:
. . . . This mean do nothing situation.
? This mean talk to you about some thing or . .
! This mean in area have pkm or situation emergency?

angry, happy, very happy, dislike, weak, poison, love, enjoyed.
but after a action a long and talk to you is mean was become happy with love symbol.
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andibad answered:

Well for easy you pokemon very happy in some condition if you talk to you pokemon will spin, rightleft, jumping, to you, fast spin and love mark 2x plus song mark.
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andibad answered:

I was build and create about rating if you ask to yot pokemon and what respon. I get 16 symbol and many
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andibad answered:

Uhm i no found in serebii forum, but just high or low happines. I now was get. If you pokemon have high or max happines stat, if you chat or talk to you pokemon will jump and heart sign and spin with jumping jumping and give heart sign again is mean you pokemon happy and have high stat happines. If you pokemon much happy you pokemon will give sign more than one with many action. Have many sign. Happy, relax in indigo plateau, weak, enjoy with song sign, poisoned, mad to you, no enjoyed, very happy, love, and more combined sign. Every time will changes and every place pokemon sign will changes. Happy to mad or other. Or scary sign or you pokemon talk to you go out to other place, if you say no. You pokemon mad, but if you go out these place you pokemon will happy sign again. Like altaria if i go to ice path, my altaria first happy sign but i talk again become weak and scary sign and many times talk my pokemon will give two choices with question. Well hard to say in there more. Check or bulbapedia place. This site always update for new game pokemon. Rumored, pokemon ranger launch again with new . . . Happy playing. Oh this sign is indicate you pokemon found shining leaf, ! Mark with jump or spining and jump jump. Ohh sorry my bad english. Is my research. And also indicate get item, or just any condition. . . . .

I can't list all because have many and more than 10 condition. Place, type pokemon, species, stat normal, shiny, pokerus, and many to can have sign with many . . . . .

Jump, spin, up down, right left, spin jum right left, ect
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andibad answered:

Fresh in pokecenter, surf, in indigo plateu, in gym, in lake of rage (no rain), in ice path, rain place, in forest, route 47, place with kyogre, much sign in there. . . . But if you take in day care sign will changes to happy sign. But after walk many hour you pokemon will happy. Oh sometimes have unkown combined sign in on talk, but i don't know.
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andibad answered:

Oh detail info, i was post in my blog.
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mirokumotto answered:

Sorry for the delay in response. I saw this question earlier today, but didn't know the answer myself quite yet.
Anyway... As far as I know, your pokemon gets max happiness status when it shows a heart instead of the happy
face whenever you talk to it. You have to be in a place where it won't get "distracted" by the grass, shiny buildings,
etc., though.

I tried this out on my Eevee to make it evolve into Umbreon just today (it took MANY trips to the Pokemon stylist in
Celadon/Kogane city). When I talked to him and he showed a heart in the "chatbox," I went to level him up and he
evolved. Dunno if that's what you were looking for: to evolve a Pokemon via happiness. Hope that helps.
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andibad answered:

Happy sign no only happy face and heart . But some sign can elimite max happines, is have some path at game, and no all are same. At mt mistar most pokemon have dislike face sign. At indigo plateu have relax face sign, type water will spin and give happy face or song sign if at rain place. ? Sign is are something, you must check for you pokemon enjoy or not, sometimes talk to you pokemon and you pokemon give a question, is condition if you pokemon found item, pick up ability, and ect if wrong select or you pokemon no like that will a did'nt like face up done sign.
Hm some place are can raise happines rate, but is just 2 percent only.
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RenRei00 answered:

If you want to raise your Pokemon happiness then all you gotta do is buy the vitamins in the Goldenrod Department store you know that cost like 9800 PokeDollars. Use all of them like calcium,protein,iron, e.t.c and once it all maxxes out it should work and it will be happy with you. This is one of the methods to make them be happy with you the expensive way.
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Jelaylay answered:

Like Sindel56 said there's a woman in one of the houses in Goldenrod who tells you how happy your lead pokemon is.
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brocalicoconut answered:

if you want to speed up maxing your pokemon's happiness its a good idea if you go in the tunnel in goldenrod city and then talk to the guys that do hair grooming (and no they don't actually make your pokemon look better) and they only groom your pokemon once a day so to repeat the process you can change your DS settings so your time is exactly at 23:59... then start the game until your little pokegear says 00:00 which means a new day has started and ect. Then if you talk to the one of the ladys in goldenrod city she can tell you if your pokemon is getting any better... trust me i've been there when i had to evolve my Golbat!
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