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Create your own pokemon ?

Is there a website were I can create my own pokemon?
Ie. draw it myself, provide abilities and such and download it onto my DS DP/P version, ie. I'd have a new non-existent pokemon, I heard there was a site.

Or at the very least hack an existing pokemon, so I'd have a Kingdra with WonderGuard for the fun of it.
any legit sites?

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ForgottenTime answered:

yes you can make hacked Pokemon with Pokesav but you need a pirated game to do that
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ellis123 answered:

There are no sites that you can just make your own pokemon. You can edit pokemon by using an action replay ( ).
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andibad answered:

This called pokesav, is just modification ar codes.
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Grass_FTW answered:,, and any picture making wepsite works.
use thespritersresource to get sprites.
create PNG or whatever files and just learn to sprite.
if you know how to sprite, there are spriting boards and threads on many website fourms

That will be all.
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andibad answered:

Oh you can join at serebii forum, in main own pokemon. In there make me fun look own pokemon with made name, sprite look static, wuf, after complete you can upload farious host web. Hotlink web with unlimited bandwith is tinypic, imageshack, for photobucket have limit bandwith. Using paint,, or program for only made sprites. But for modifity move, ability check pokemonproject site, in there you can download pokesav. Like kingdra with wonder guard? For create own sprite and transfer onto game, are illegal, and make game freeze, or repack nds file and modifity own game. Like main story, sprites, rule and much other, but is no legal action, so happy playing.
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FAQMan_12 answered:

You can make fake Pokemon if you know how to sprite, and (at least in generations 1-3) you can use an emulator and a hacking program to use your sprites and change the text. I don't know how to do it though, sorry.
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