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What is the best moveset for HO-OH?

I want a good moveset for HO-OH (Its at lvl 46)
are the first 4 good?
Sacred Fire,
Sunny Day( so 1 turn SolarB and bosted SacredF),
Earthquake(good against electric),
also what about these Recover/ Extrasensory/ Fly/ Toxic.

Please tell why u picked what you picked and any other suggestions?

masterelvis provided additional details:

i wanted s beam b/c it covers 2 of hooh's weeknesses. water and rock( which does 4 times damage to it). do u still think i need to drop s beam?

Also i don't like punishment

Accepted Answer

Aeres116699 answered:

I personally don't like using the SunnyBeam combo on Ho-oh, and not just because it takes time to set up. SolarBeam is also working off of Ho-oh's Special Attack, which is lower than its Physical Attack. For that reason, I prefer that Ho-oh use physical attacks, making it more deadly than a special or mixed variant.

However, your concerns on type coverage are well-founded. Therefore, I'll add four more viable movesets (in addition to the first physical moveset): two mixed and two pure special. Here goes:

(Note: Having another Pokemon on your team to use Sunny Day can make SolarBeam on Ho-oh far more useful. To that end, I suggest playing around a bit with movesets for your other party members; giving Sunny Day to a Grass-type (such as Jumpluff or Vileplume) lets it support both itself and the phoenix; Ho-oh is more of a "clean-things-up" kind of Pokemon, meant to destroy a weakened team, so having Sunny Day already set up by a teammate makes its job easier.)

Mixed 1:
- Sacred Fire
- Earthquake
- SolarBeam
- Thunderbolt / Psychic

Mixed 2:
- Overheat / Fire Blast / Sacred Fire
- SolarBeam
- Brave Bird
- Roost (for BB recoil) / Earthquake / Earth Power

- Sacred Fire
- Brave Bird
- Earthquake
- Return / Punishment

Special 1:
- Overheat / Fire Blast
- Earth Power
- SolarBeam
- Shadow Ball / Extrasensory / Psychic

Special 2:
- Overheat / Fire Blast
- SolarBeam
- Calm Mind
- Earth Power

Feel free to mix and match moves; I'm just showing what's available to Ho-oh. Sunny Day can fit on most sets, although you do lose type coverage. Truthfully, though, you don't really need to deal with Ho-oh's Water- and Rock-type counters with the firebird alone; that's why you have 6 Pokemon in your party. Prioritize which enemies you want Ho-oh to specialize in taking down, and leave the rest to your other party members.
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