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Which is better to buy-HeartGold or Platinum?

I'm not sure which one?

rockerman2828 provided additional details:

I don't want SoulSilver, I am tossing up between HeartGold and Platinum because I only have a limited amount of money. I am asking whcih off those two are better. I'd love to get both, but maybe another day.

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Death_Ragnell answered:

Pros of HeartGold:
Getting some 3rd gen Legendairies( Kyorgre, Rayquaza)
Lasts longer since you have to beat 16 gym leaders and get a chance to fight red
You can catch Raikou, Suicune and Entei + Zaptos Articuno Moltres
You can get a chance to get all the 1st to 3rd gen Starters. (Such as Mudkip, Treeko, Torchic from Steven ) and Charmander, Bulbasaur Squirtle from Oak. Plus the Johto starters
More trainers than Platinum
The Pokewalker.
Pokemon walks with you.
More Egg moves.
2 Safari Zone
Areas feel more Eastern

No more underground
No more Contests
Missing some 4th gen poke
Training takes FOREVER in Johto

Platinum Pros:
Cool new 4th Gen pokes
Can catch all legendaries in one game that belong in the 4th gen. (Except Arceus)
More Western feel of the areas
New game compared to a remake of Gold + Crystal
Awesome Elite four champion

Kinda of a short storyline
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andibad answered:

If you like g4 pokemon you can pick platinum but in heartgold have lot feature and can get much pokemon and more better than platinum, and new feature.
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ZeroParadox answered:

I would go for both.
Platinum has its own features whereas HeartGold has new features (along with Johto/Kanto over Platinum's Sinnoh) that make it no comparison.
I assume you meant HeartGold over SoulSilver? Even if you didn't, the only thing stopping me from getting all three is the lack of money.
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trickster2599 answered:

To me i am thinking about pokemon platinum, it has more forms and also is cheaper than heartgold if you're trying to save your mioey.
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mby123 answered:

Get heart gold because it has easier acess to the things in the menu and u can set two things to use. Also to me its more fun.
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wafflesrock42 answered:

if you've played diamond/pearl, i would go for heart gold, because platinum is just a special edition version of diamond/pearl with a few added features. But if you haven't, then I would buy platinum.
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mckenzielad97 answered:

i'd get heart gold because platinum (although i have it ) is probably not as good i'm going to get Heart gold. and Heart gold has new cooler things like the pokewalker. I'd buy it for 29.73 on Amazon
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underwater44 answered:

I would get Heart Gold unless you've played Gold or Silver. But if you haven't played DP, then get Platinum.
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datenshi123 answered:

heart gold has a longer play time but the lack of easily obtainable 4th gens is a problem but you can still get them all from the gts and wifi. Legend wise the dogs are far cooler than the pixies and more varied. also having access to all the kanto and hoen legends bar regis is pretty neat. the new features like pokewalker and giving a plot to gold and silver make them worth buying even if you have played the oldies. if you haven't already don't buy diamoand or pearl since platinum is far superior. i couldn't be bothered finishing diamond but i have over 240 hours on platinum and the complete dex
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Pokedude88 answered:

I would say Heart gold over Platinum because I got both and I play Heart gold more because its a better game with 2 regions
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