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What lvl will they obey you?

Me and my cousin are going to get heart-gold and soul-silver. I want to know as soon as you start the gme, up to what lvl will they obey before you have any badges?

davidhuga14 provided additional details:

To make it clearer my cousin will start the new games alot until we both get the three starters when we are done we will both have chikorita lvl 6 cyndaquil lvl6 and totadile lvl 6 (lvl) 6 because u can't catch pokemon until after u beat red and when you beat him ur pokemon will automatically go from 5-6. So the two that are my cousin's, will they listen to me right away?

Accepted Answer

rastarasta1298 answered:

obeying only matters for TRADED pkmn, those you catch yourself will never dissobey.
it's something like;
1 Badge - lvl20
2 badges - lvl30
3 - 40
4 - 50
5 - 60
6 - 70
7 - 80
8 - all.

without 1 badge, it's probably 10
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Deefrenzy41 answered:

If they are your oown they always abey u if it was from a trade they deppend on what badge u have
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mirokumotto answered:

I think traded Pokemon up to level 10 will obey you until your first badge. Of course, I'm basing that on previous games
and such.
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DiglettHead answered:

Traded Pokemon will obey up to lvl 15 until you get the second badge. Your own will probably start disobeying at lvl 20.
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DiglettHead answered:

But I dare speculate that now Happiness will affect the chance of disobedience.
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