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Do you lose the pokemon in the pokewalker if the battery dies?

I need help with it.

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DiglettHead answered:

The game saves a backup copy of your Pokemon before transferring it to the Pokewalker, so if the battery dies you can access a reset option on the game's Pokewalker menu to get the Pokemon back, though it will be as if it was never in the walker.
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mnkysprn answered:

Probably, if you think the battery is going to run out, transfer your pkmn/items out.
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lovehate111 answered:

Unless they put a backup battery in the walker then YES you WILL lose your pokemon when the battery dies.
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Train_Uchiha answered:

even if the battery dies all your watts (currency in the walker) are erased but the Pokemon is still there. So if it dies your Pokemon isn't lost. and like Diglett said above the game saves a copy of your Pokemon in the game.
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idpeace answered:

No if it happens that your battery died, your pokemon will still be in your game. However, any progress that you had make in the walker will be lost.
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BettsRockman answered:

No you will not lost your pokemon i taking my battery out for a min or so to reset my step i walk and put it back in my pokemon was still in there.
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alexleo12345678 answered:

I do belive so but if it does all you have to do is go to a local walgreens and pick up those little circual battes and take the cover off of them and they will work just fine.
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HylianPaladin answered:

This battery that comes with it is the same battery that is in pacemakers and computers and large men's watches. My husband looked. You can get them from the jewelry department at places like Wal-Mart for about $2 or $3. It's #2032.
He also says it'll last a good while.
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Tispers answered:

I believe it mentions this in the Pokewalker instructions, but no you will not lose your pokemon if the battery dies.
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pokemon59 answered:

The instructions say that you will not lose your pokemon or watts or items. You just replace the battery and it resumes where you left off.
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MaxStar360 answered:

Don't worry, I just went through the Pokewalker instructions in the HG instruction manual today myself and it says that you will NOT lose your Pokemon or anything else on it.
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hypershadicful answered:

Thats impossible you still have your pokemon even though you just have to put new batteries and your pokemon still thier im pretty sure there not stupid the people who made it or some people might think its a rip off and they`ll complain
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