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How can I get celebi in heart gold and soul silver?????

I really need to know.

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PokeathlonPro97 answered:

There will be a pokemon wi-fi event where you receive celebi.
once you recieve it, you take it to the ilex forest shrine, and it will take you back in time and show you your rival argueing with his father giovanni.
afterwards, you battle giovanni, and celbi takes you b ack to ur present time
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espio907 answered:

They'll probaly release a mystery gift for celebi...but for now we play the waiting game.
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DiglettHead answered:

But the sad thing is that we (in the US) have never gotten the legit Celebi for the originals.
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Sun_Guardian answered:

They have to have a Nintendo Event on the games for Celebi. It wouldn't be fair if the people did what they did with Celebi in Gold, silver, & Crystal. They only did it with the japanese version(I think they only let you get it Crystal),unless I missed something. I think that said there was going to Nintendo Event for it(they don't know when).
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Crystal_Paladin answered:

There most likely will be an event.
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Darkcat1 answered:

I think there will be a global event soon. Japan hasn't gotten one yet either so I'm hoping.

As for the guy above there were two legit celebis who says there are no legit Celebis even in the originals: 10th anniversary Celebi(port from GBA and/or risk a WI-FI trade) and Six Flags tour Celebi(originals but you can't port this to D/P/Plat or HS/SS). I know this because Celebi is the one pokemon I can't seem to get and I had Six Flags Celebi in my original silver before it died...
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YamiDemonKyo answered:

I tried porting my 10thanniv Celebi over but when I went to the shrine nothing happened.

so it's most likely going to be a wifi event.
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