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How do you get rid of the tree on route 36?

I've got no idea what I did wrong.PLEASE HELP!

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Kraleck answered:

Defeat Whitney and enter the nearby Flower Shop. Talk to the lady for the Squirt Bottle (MANDATORY).

Stock up on Balls and inspect the odd tree. Spray the tree and you'll encounter a Level 20 Sudowoodo (knows Mimic, Low Kick, Rock Throw, and Flail, Sturdy or Rock Head Ability, 50/50 Gender Ratio).

Remember Sudowoodo is a Rock Type, so Fire won't do much damage.
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charizardrules2 answered:

you need the squirtbottle. You get it from a person in the flower shop at goldenrod city. you need to defeat whitney so that the person will give it to you. then use the squirtbottle on the tree.
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