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How do I get the Flute music to wake up Snorlax?

I went to Lavender Town & talked to some guy & he upgraded my Pokegear. How do I get the Flute music to wake up Snorlax now? Please help!

pokemonlover1 asked for clarification:

Whats the station?


fatories answered:

Go to the pokegear when by snorlax, select the station where the Poke-flute son plays and select it. After that exit your pokegear and talk to the snorlax.
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Tispers answered:

The station is Pokemon Music that is on the upper left side. It seems to change every day, but it switches between music that wakes pokemon, to music that lowers encounters in grass.
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00mudkip answered:

Move the cursor to the upper middle of the station selector.
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phil7447 answered:

Finish the power plant quest, talk to guy in kanto radio tower he gives you expansion pack, go to snorlax and use radio search air waves for right channel, its called "pokeflute".

hope i helped
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shadowwolfz answered:

What you need to do is, save the power plant. Then after you do that you go back to the Kanto radio tower. Go inside then talk to everyone on the first floor until you talk to a man who talkes about a pokeflute. Then he will upgrade you Pokegear to have a Pokeflute in it. To wake snorlax up, you need to go to him, open your Pokegear. switch to the radio part. Then slide the radio channel navigator (the circle inside of the cirle) to the top middle of the big circle. Then you get out of your Pokegear and engage snorlax (press A) then it will lead you into a battle. You can either catch him (which i recommend because he will not be able to get after that, even if you run) or you can kill him.

Hope that was all you needed, if you ever need any other help please feel free to ask me. I love Pokemon ever since i was a child and i have every Pokemon game there is. So again i hope i answered all of your questions and good luck! :)
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nanopokemon answered:

Radio isnt showing on my pokegear??
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