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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I find a Riolu?

Where in the Safari?

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From: Kraleck 4 years ago

Go through the cave in Cianwood City and work your way to the Safari Zone. You must do catching tests for the previous owner (named Baoba, who will call when the next test is ready).

Test 1 - Catch a Geodude and show it to Baoba
Test 2 - Exchange an area for Desert, catch a Sandshrew, and show it to Baoba.

Once you have the National Dex, you can place item blocks (up to 30 blocks per area, double, triple, and quadruple block value after the area is used for so many days).

For Riolu, you need your Forest Block Value at 28 and Rocky Block Value at 42 in the Flower Garden area. That's 10 Forest + 14 Rocky + at least 70 days played in the Safari Zone's Flower Garden area. Yes, you read that right 70 days, so you'll need at least 36,000 Poke (1,000 Poke for the 2 tests) and 70 days worth of free time.

More Reading: is wrong about the needed blocks, but everything else is solid.

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The safari zone is in Johto, on the left side of Cianwood City

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