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How do you get the red orb in heartgold ?

Because Mr. pokemon give you the blue orb and then you must go catch Kyogre than you must show it to Professor Oak after you show him Kyogre he tell's you about Groudon about the Red orb and the Professor says that Groudon only show up to trainers with golden hearts so what I am supposed to do?

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Blademaster_Kai answered:

You don't get Groudon in Heart Gold, you only get Kyogre. Professor Oak says that Groudon doesn't show itself to ones with golden hearts, but to those with shining silver souls (meaning Soul Silver).
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jacobjosh11 answered:

Good question. Maybe if you searched at someone's strategy guide on Gamefaqs there might be an answer.
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Kraleck answered:

You must trade Groudon from SoulSilver. Groudon and Kyogre are Version exclusives.
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tyranitaronweed answered:

You don't.
The only way to get Groudon is by trading it from SoulSilver or from Pal Park. Likewise, the SoulSilver games only get the Red Orb and Groudon, and not the Blue Orb.
However, if you get both Groudon and Kyogre in one game and have them in your party if you talk to Prof. Oak, he'll give you the Jade Orb. Take the new Jade Orb to the place you got your Kyogre (or Groudon if you're playing SoulSilver) to battle Rayquaza.
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