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I'm in desperate need of a leafstone on pokemon heartgold can someone help me?

Can anyone give me one? or trade? please and thank you.

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Kraleck answered:

Leaf Stone
--Picknicker Gina on Route 34 (south of Goldenrod City) may call you on the Pokegear (she'll give you one when she calls about finding an Item).
--First Prize in the Bug Catching Contest (1 in 9 chance because you can get other Stones as well, remember that the Contest is only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays).
--Show Bill's Grandfather (lives in Bill's Kanto Region house on Route 25, north then east of Cerulean City) an Oddish when he describes it.
--Viridian Forest in an Item Ball.
--Pokeathlon Prize Exchange for 2500 Points (Prizes change Daily, so check often).
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Tarutaru0 answered:

You can win one from the bug catching contest If you are early in on the game.
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UnknownKirbyMan answered:

Yes you can get one from the Bug Catching Contest, but it will be a random evolutionary stone, it also does not matter how far into the game you are as long as you have access to the Contest.
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juggalotus_vamp answered:

I can trade you a pokemon holding a leaf stone.
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frightfire answered:

you can also check the Pokeathalon once you have 2500 pts. each day they stone changes.
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sonicking2004 answered:

Exactly what Kraleck said, & the days you can buy the Leafstone from the Pokeathalon's Athlete Shop for 2500 AP are Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday
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