Question from Magicboy727

Asked: 4 years ago

What are Lance's Pokemon with their Moves?

I need this info so i can get my team ready.

Accepted Answer

From: oneyoshi79 4 years ago

Ok, I battled Lance 3 Times, so I will give you all of his moves.

Gyarados Lvl. 44: Waterfall, Ice Fang, Dragon Pulse, Flail
Aerodactyl Lvl. 46: Rock Slide, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Aerial Ace
Dragonite Lvl. 50: Hyper Beam, Safeguard, Fire Blast, Outrage Item: Sitrus Berry
Dragonite Lvl. 49: Dragon Rush, Thunder Wave, Blizzard, Hyper Beam
Dragonite Lvl. 49: Dragon Rush, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Hyper Beam
Charizard Lvl. 46: Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Fire Fang, Shadow Claw

These moves have all been painfully endured by my team. >__< I hope this helps you do better than I have.
Maybe in Gen 5 I should raise a team who's majority is not weak to electric types...............................

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