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Is there a special location to finding fossils with rock smash? Or whats the probability of finding a fossil with rock smash as well as other things you can find?

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Kraleck answered:

Dome Fossil (Kabuto, SoulSilver), Helix Fossil (Omanyte, HeartGold), and Old Amber (Aerodactyl, Both) are randomly found at the Ruins of Alph.

Claw Fossil (Anorith, HeartGold) and Root Fossil (Lileep, SoulSilver) are randomly found in the Cliff Caves (west of Cianwood City).

The % chances of getting an Item by using Rock Smash are so terrible that it is hard to give an exact % chance you'll find a Fossil...
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Aeres116699 answered:

You can find Kabuto, Omanyte, and Aerodactyl fossils in the Ruins of Alph rocks.

Lileep and Anorith fossils can be found in the Cliff Cave rocks (the cave area at Route 47 that houses ladders used to traverse the cliffs).
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