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What is the pokevirus?

I went to the pokecenter to heal my pokemon and they said my pokemon had it. Is it bad?

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pokadigibakufan answered:

Poke virus is a special "infection" your pokemon may recieve after having a paralysis, poison, burn, etc. The nurse joy will say that your pokemon has poke virus. It is not bad at all, in fact your very lucky. This helps your pokemon recieve more exp. after battle and whenever it levels up its stat increase is higher. It will go away eventually, but will affect surrounding pokemon when it is in the pc. It goes after 24-48 hours depending on how lucky you were but time will not count if your DS is closed, off or your okemon in your pc or in the day care.
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Kraleck answered:

Pokemon Virus or PKRS acts as a Macho Brace without the Hold Item Slot or the halved Speed. Your EV growth will be doubled from then on, even after it is inocculated.

It spreads to adjacent Pokemon after a random # of Battles and is cured after 24-72 total hours outside of a PC Box (the time WILL count with the DS on or off).
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