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What day is the poke flute music on on the radio?

I need to get past snorlax and I know I need the kanto radio music but so far none of it works,even the march that is supposed to wake up pokemon.

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Thanks. i'll try that.

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pokegum answered:

No,you have to get the power back on through the power plant in Kanto,Then go to the Kanto radio tower in
Lavender town and talk to the director on the FIRST floor and he will give the Pokeflute card for the radio.
Put the tuning circle on the top most thing depending on the pokegear style.
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bballgogo answered:

It's on everyday. Just move the stylus around the radio and you'll find it. It's not in any of the 4 set stations.
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Aeres116699 answered:

I believe that you need to set the station to the top of the "tuning circle" on the radio. That's where I remember being told it was.
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fire_star1 answered:

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woodpete12 answered:

Go to the Pokegear then the radio, Aeres116699 is correct, the pokeflute channel is at the very top of the globe
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woodpete12 answered:

After you solve the power plant problem, go to lavender city and go in the power plant and someone will give you extra pokegear radio channels
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espeondude answered:

To use the Pokeflute, you must be in Kanto. Move your cursor to the very top of the PokeGear Radio tuning circle, and you will find the Pokeflute Channel. This channel is played 24/7. **Note** You must have recieved the radio upgrade from the man in the Lavender Town Radio Tower.
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