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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find all Sinnoh gym leaders?

I found melyne and wake are there any more gym leaders around? and how do I make saffari lady (I am not a talker) talk?

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From: Kraleck 4 years ago

Maylene and Crasher Wake are the only ones visiting the Johto/Kanto regions.

Safari Lady will never speak...short of a Nintendo Event, a special Pokemon, or special time of a certain day, but...pardon the pun...nobody at Game Freak is talking about a method.

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No there are no other Sinnoh gym leaders that you will find, at least to my knowledge. I know that Cynthia appears if you do the Arceus event but that's it.

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Well Cynthia is in the E4. She also is in the Sinjoh Ruins for the Arceus.

Maylene, Crasher Wake, and Cynthia are the only ones

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Maylene is at the never ending pie eating contest at a house in celadon, (fly to celadon, go south, you'll see a house with an orange roof, go inside that house). Wake is at a department store, (I forgot if it was goldenrod or celadon). Cynthya is at sinjoh ruins, (trasfer an arceus from dp or platinum, then go to ruins of alph, the guy will let you go to sinjoh ruins), Cynthia will give you a choice of lvl 1s to have, (dialga, palkia or giratina and you only get one of them).

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What do you mean

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If u hae 3 arceus' can u have all 3

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