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A + B + Down concept. Does it work?

Someone told me that if you press A + B + Down, the chances of catching any pokemon increases. Is that true?

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luigi_fangirl answered:

Tyranitaronweed is right. It's purely psychological. Personally, I touch the button on the Poke Ball on the bottom screen right when the Poke Ball I'm throwing turns yellow. It feels like I'm locking it, y'know?
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The_Red_Gyrados answered:

No it doesn't there is no way of increasing the chances of catching a pokemon except for either hacking or using different poke balls. Like if your trying to catch an Onix, instead of using a poke ball using a heavy ball.
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brokendwarf answered:

Honestly, when I try catching things, I hold down A and B. It's sort of a psychological thing. If you think it helps, do it. But no, it doesn't actually help.
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Spore101 answered:

No but usings moves that put pokemon to sleep or other moves like that do increase to odds
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underwater44 answered:

I hit A when the PokeBall turns yellow then I jam it, it seems to work since I usually catch Pokemon with that.
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lilrastasheep answered:

I always do it and i think it works because i usually catch them when doing it.
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tyranitaronweed answered:

Little button codes like those never actually work; it really just gives you the feeling that you'll have odds on your side. You can do it if you want, if you feel that it helps you or if it makes you feel better, but it never actually does anything.
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oneyoshi79 answered:

Answer: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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brocalicoconut answered:

wait everyone calm down with all this phsycological crap and listen to my theory: maybe if you used button codes to catch pokemon ur DS is probably being occupied from collecting button entries while the game is still working so maybe when you think ur catching the pokemon with button ur probably just occupying the DS with ur crazy phsycological button pushing.
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This1IS1gamefaq answered:

nope just tried it ._. by the way I HAZ MEWTWO
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grandpajenkins0 answered:

Several variations of this method exist, even some of my friends believe in it, but no matter what this will not increase your chances whatsoever.
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