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How do I evolve an evee to glacion and leafeon?

I tried giving evee a leaf stone and it wouldnt work
Wut else can i do?

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Kraleck answered:

Trade Eevee to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. Leafeon, Glaceon, Magnezone, and Probopass can only be obtained in those games, not HeartGold/SoulSilver.
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Zaporion answered:

u can't evolve eevee to glaceon and leafeon in HGSS you need to trade it with DPP and evolve it there
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Darkcat1 answered:

eevee will only evolve into these forms when it gains a level near the mossy rock and the icy rock in D/P/Plat. Those are "area eveloutions". It's impossible to do this without trading...
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luigi_fangirl answered:

Glaceon and Leafeon are only obtainable in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. You have to level the Eevee up next to the respective rock found only in these versions. The mossy rock (for evolving to Leafeon) is found in Eterna Forest, and the icy rock (for evolving to Glaceon) is found in the snowy route below Snowpoint City.
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