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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get kyogre in HeartGold?

What do i need 2 do???

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From: Kraleck 4 years ago

I'll go a step further and tell you how to get the entire Hoenn Land-Sea-Sky Legendary trio:
1. Clear the Johto side of the story (defeat the Pokemon League Champion) and go to Olivine Harbor for the National Dex.
2. Clear the 8 Kanto Gyms and talk to Prof. Oak for HM08 (Rock Climb) and the path to Mt. Silver.
3. Defeat Red at Mt. Silver and talk to Oak for a Kanto Starter (player's choice). This activates the next part, so do not skip it.
4. Talk to Mr. Pokemon on Route 30 for a Red or Blue Orb (depending on your Version).
5. Go through Route 47 (west of Cianwood) to find the Embedded Tower somewhere on the east side of Route 47 (possibly needing many HMs).
6. Catch Kyogre (HeartGold) or Groudon (SoulSilver). Heavy Balls will work best on both (33/255 Catch Rate for both). Bring a Pokemon with Taunt or Heal Block to prevent Kyogre's ever-frustrating Aqua Ring from healing it every turn (an Adamant Technician Scyther...***that's Scyther, NOT Scizor***...with Taunt and False Swipe is recommended).
7. Get Groudon on HeartGold or Kyogre on SoulSilver via Trade and bring both to Oak for a Jade Orb.
8. Return to where you battled Kyogre/Groudon to find Rayquaza. Heavy Balls work best here, but not as well as they did with Kyogre/Groudon (23/255 for Rayquaza).

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