Question from luigi_fangirl

Why does my completely legit copy of the game keep freezing?

It's not an emulator, and I bought it on the day it came out over here in the US. I didn't use to have this problem--it only started recently, like a few days ago. The freezes are usually coupled with a black screen, and there's no sound when it locks up. It's typically right when I wake my DS up from sleep mode when it's been asleep for several hours, although earlier today it froze for no reason. Normally, after I restart my DS, the game card isn't recognized or "The save data cannot be accessed" and I have to reinsert the game card. What gives? I had to beat Red twice because of this. D:<


Manhunt21 answered:

Maybe the DS and the data part of the game cart are not in sync.
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Someguy1212 answered:

Try updating the system's OS.
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hallstromjr answered:

My brother had the same problem. Don;t play for awhile, it should work fine after that.
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