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What happened to Team Rocket three years ago?

I just solved the Golden Rod issue and the Team Rocket Members kept on saying something about reuniting after three years. What happened three years ago?

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Emi3280 answered:

There are videos in Youtube,but I will tell you the whole story:

Spoiler Alert

You need the Celebi Event,which is not in America or Europe yet,only in Japan by Mystery Gift.You get a Celebi,and then you go to Ilex Forest,and examine your Celebi,and he will take you 3 years ago,and you are gonna see a scene where your rival (original name Silver) is talking with Giovani,which was the Team Rocket Leader,which was disbanded by Red,the one in the top of Mt. Silver.After the whole scene,Celebi will take you back 3 years later (original time).You will arrive in a cave,where Giovani (Team Rocket Leader) is with a little radio hearing what Team Rocket is saying about him.Then,you battle him,beat him,then,Celebi takes you back to your time,and thats the story.
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DARK_Dante64 answered:

The events of Fire Red, when Red(You) defeated Team Rocket, then Giovanni disbands team rocket or at least it was supposed to be. All that was three years before HG/SS.
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