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EXP. Share?

Where do you find it?I have Red Gyrados scale.(Sorry about the spelling.)

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Kraleck answered:

Route 30, Mr. Pokemon's House. He's the guy that Prof. Elm sent you to meet in the very beginning. Agree to trade your Red Scale for the Exp. Share.

Likewise, you'll be able to trade the RageCandyBar to a man in Kanto later in the game for a TM64.
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Deefrenzy41 answered:

Go to mr. pokemon and hell go like "Oh you have a red scale want to trade?" say yes hell run to the one place grab it then youll get it.
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BrilIiant answered:

Once you catch/kill the Red Gyarados at Lake of Rage, you'll get the Red Scale. Take that to Mr. Pokemon (Route 30) & he'll ask if you'll give it to him... Say yes & he'll give you EXP. Share.
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Cozmicz answered:

Talk to Mr. Pokemon after you get Red Scale
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Emical_Fire answered:

Give teh red scale to Mr. Pokemon and he'll give you the Exp Share. He's on route 30 where you visited at the beginning of the game.
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