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How do I get Gym Leaders Phone Numbers??

I really want to rebattle them in the dojo,but I dont know how to register their numbers.....any help??

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Alpha218 answered:

I believe the answer you are seeking is in this link:
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Kraleck answered:

In addition to the information there, you must do a few other things to prep.

1.) Defeat your Rival at Mt. Moon to make him appear at Dragon's Den. This is so you can Double Battle Lance & Clair. Clair will not appear at Dragon's Den to give you her Phone Number until you have teamed up with your Rival to defeat the Dragon Tamer Duo.

Beware: Your Rival only uses 3 Pokemon (his Level 60 Fully-Evolved Starter, Level 58 Crobat*, and Level 56 Gengar) and you are up against 2 high Level opponents (Clair's Level 52 Dragonair, Level 56 Kingdra, and Level 60 Dragonite and Lance's Level 68 Gyarados, Level 68 Charizard, and Level 75 Dragonite) with both using powerful Moves (I remember nearly getting Fire Blasted, Thundered, and Draco Meteored to a pulp, let alone by whatever Clair was doing).

2.) Catch Zapdos. KOing it will ***NOT*** work. I've tried and you must Catch it, not KO it for Lt. Surge.

3.) Catch a Pikachu from Viridian Forest. Lt. Surge says he wants to see one from Viridian Forest, so you must catch one there.

* Your Rival using a Crobat is significant. It shows he cares about his Pokemon now because Crobat is a Happiness Evolution.
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Pokegirl answered:

Also, keep in mind that to rematch many of the Kanto gym leaders, you must first defeat Blue in the Viridian Gym.
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wildcats456 answered:

You find morty by bell tower in the game
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