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How can you rebattle your rival?

How can you re battle your rival?

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MetalKingBoo answered:

After beating the E4 for the 1st time, you will have to do this in order:

- Go to Mt. Moon. That will be the last place you'll officially battle him.
- After that, go to the Dragon's Den. You'll see him with his Starter Pokemon. Talk to him to initiate a 2v2 battle with Lance and Clair

Once you done both, you are able to re-battle him in the Indigo Plateau on Mondays and Wednesdays. And just for fun, you can see him training with his Pokemon in the Dragon's Den on Tuesday and Thursday.
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BrilIiant answered:

Yes, but you gotta do all this first:

1. Beat the Elite 4 once.
2. Go to Mt. Moon & your rival will notice you & battle you. Beat him.
3. Once you beat him in Mt. Moon, go to Dragon's Den. Your rival will be there. Once he notices you, Clair & Lance will find you 2 & do a double battle. Get ready for an Epic fight.

Once you do all those things, you can re-battle him in the Indigo Plateau on Mondays & Wednesday.
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