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what do i do after i beat the johto elite four? HELP!

i have already beat the johto elite four, and i have already taken the boat to the kanto region. I have already cruised through all of the cities and solved the power plant thing. I dont know how to get to brock\ pewter city. Do i like beat sabrina first? Also, all of the trainers that i have bumped into in kanto their pokemon are around my level 50 or so is that normal?


ellis123 answered:

You can beat the gym leaders in Kanto in any order that you want (minus Blue, as he has to be last), and that is what you're supposed to be doing. And the trainers are supposed to be at level 50, that is normal.

Just go around and beat the gym leaders just like you would've in Red/Blue, but having a different starting point.
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Cozmicz answered:

You can go to Pewter City by going through the Diglett Cave..
There'll be a Snorlax sleeping at the east side of Vermillion City, blocking your way to Diglett Cave..
After you solve the power plant, go to Lavender Town radio tower, talk to the man with brown shirt, and he'll give you something to upgrade your Radio..
On a certain day, you can hear the pokeflute music by adjusting your radio to the top side.. With the pokeflute music playing, talk to Snorlax and battle it,. Go through Diglett Cave and you'll be there..
It is normal for them to be around 50.. You can rebattle the Elite Four before battling the Gym Leader if you want.
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EmpoleonLeader answered:

When is the certain day?
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84m84ng answered:

No,.. you don't need the certain day..
The pokeflute will always available when you're in Kanto
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This1IS1gamefaq answered:

It is normal for the high leveled trainers do to you beating the elite and i suggest doing the gyms in order (just for the fun).
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mamo1991 answered:

the order of gym leaders in kanto is:
1.Lt. Surge
2.1.get the lost doll in the pokemon fan club and give it to the copy cat (you can now catch Latias/Latios)
2.2 after finding the lost machine part at Cerulean gym (after deafeting the team rocket grunt) find Misty in route 25
3. Misty
3.1 restore the power plant
5.2. find suicine in your way
5.3 catch suicine (route 25)
6. Brock
6.2 an old man in a hill aside of the pokemart in pewter city gives you the silver wing (you can catch lugia)
6.3 go to viridian city
6.4 go to pallet town
6.5 talk to blue in cinnabar island
7. Blaine
7.1 catch ARTICUNO
7.2 Talk to blue again
8.1 receive hm rock climb
8.2 catch zapdos (Power plant)
8.3 catch Mewtwo (cerulean cave)
8.4 set to Mt. SILVER
8.5 catch moltres
9 Red (at the peak on mt. silver)

NOTE: THE EXTRA NUMBER ARE NECESSARY OR OPTIONAL BEFORE BATTLING THE NEXT GYM (2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 5.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 7.2, 8.1, and 8.4 are obligatory)
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Emical_Fire answered:

You should go for Lt Surge first. Then in order Sabrina, Misty, Erika, Janine, Brock, Blaine and Blue. Also the level 50 thing is normal if you've beaten Lance already. This is like the second half of the game. You'll have to go through Diglett's cave to get to Pewter City, Viridan City, Pallet Town and Cinnabar Island.
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