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Who and where is Daisy?

I heard you could get Blue's phone # from Daisy. Who is Daisy and where is she?!

Grandma24 provided additional details:

The girl on the first floor won't give me anything!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kraleck answered:

Daisy is Blue's sister and Prof. Oak's granddaughter. Go to the house on the right in Pallet Town (Blue's House). During afternoon tea (15:00-15:59) she will massage one of your Pokemon (once a day).

Once Blue has been defeated, you can get his number by getting a total of 5 massages and having a Pokemon at the highest stage of Happiness after it is massaged by Daisy.

Also, if you want to Evolve a Feebas in HeartGold/SoulSilver, you'll need to get 7 of Daisy's massages to get enough Beauty (224, you need 220+ for Feebas to Evolve) to do so (8 Massages will put the Beauty Stat at 255, the Maximum).
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ellis123 answered:

She is in her room in Pallet Town. Keep in mind that she's the sister of Blue, so she's in the same house that he used to live in.
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ellis123 answered:

You have to get a massage seven times. She massages your pokemon from 3:00-4:00 PM.
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