Question from GreeboUK

Can I get a forgotten move back?

I made one of my pokemon (Geodude) forget headbutt! Do I need it to get all the pokemon (headbutting trees) or continue the adventure. Can I get the move back some how? Thanks.

Accepted Answer

ghuggi answered:

Don't waste your heart scales, just go back to the guy in Ilex Forest that teaches head butt and have him teach your geodude head butt. You can him teach your pokemon head but again and again without for free.
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dcoughler answered:

The move tutor should re-teach it to you. If not, go to Blackthorn and get the Move Deleter/Move Relearner to give you back headbutt. You'll need a Heart Scale to do so though....
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Metagross_386 answered:

You cannot use heart scales unless the pokemon learns the move by level up, so you have to go back to the tutor.
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