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Rate my team for Red plz?

I plan on fighting red and i want to know if I have a good team.
My team is:

Dragonite lv: 63
Dragon Rush

Tyranitar lv:55
Dark Pulse
Stone Edge

Feraligatr lv:51
Rock Climb

Ampharos lv:53
Signal Beam

Currently training Charmeleon and Torchic should i use one or both of these in my team and if one then should sixth member be a Bronzong,Sneasal,Mismagius,or Xatu?

Also what should my average level be?

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aris224 answered:

-For Feraligatr, replace Thrash with Ice Punch or (if you can't afford it), go to the move relearner and put back Ice Fang.
Also he makes better use of Waterfall than Surf.

-For Dragonite I'd go with:
Dragon Claw (not quite as strong as Rush, but a lot more accurate)
Flamethrower or Fire Punch

-3 of Red's pokemon are weak to Electric attacks. It might help to have another pokemon that knows an electric move.

-As for Charizard or Blaziken, I like Charizard better, but Blaziken is part Fighting, so particularly for Red, Blaziken is better cause of Snorlax. Or you can try Charizard and train a Hitmonchan with the 3 elemental Punches and a Fighting move.

Needless to say you need to level up to about lv70 and have some items with you.
You can beat him with the 5 pokemon above, if you are leveled enough. If you want a 6 pokemon team, use what you like.

Hope this helps.
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just_gary88 answered:

Honestly if you use a high level Feraligatr, Lugia, and Raikou you should be able to do it. i beat him with a level 73 Feraligatr, level 70 Lugia and level 52 Raikou. although i had other pokemon with me at the time i only used them so i could heal or use a max revive on any fainted pokemon
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demonjake2010 answered:

OK this is ur best chance of beating them is to train tyranitar to lvl 65 because it will be your most valuable pokemon because it can take out red's pikachu, venusaur(with stone edge) and charizard. I would train torchic to blazakien get it to lvl 60 also make it learn a fighting move. And their 6th pokemon should be mismagius. due to it being a powerful pokemon with the right moves.Like aris224 says change thrash for ice punch. Get rid of strength on ur ampharos for power gem. On ur tyranitar get rid of dig for rock climb just because u might run out of pp on ur stone edge.

Moves recommened for dragonite is: Draco meteor from guy in blackthorn also its an amazing move.- Dragon rush or dragon claw.-aqua tail and dragon dance because it powers up ur attack and speed. only use it if u can resist one of his powerful moves. lastly run through the e4 2 pr 3 times to power up ur pokemon.

Hope that helps.
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Emi3280 answered:

Look,you actually dont need high level Pokemon.I am going to say the Pokemon that Red uses,and which Pokemon you should use or capture for battling him.

You can beat him with an Earthquake,with a Golem.Catch Geodude,evolve it,trade it and get it back.Make it level up until a good level and own that Pikachu.

You can beat him with a Pokemon that knows a powerful Fight Type Move.......anyone Pokemon that can learn Focus Blast.

-Blastoise and Lapras
You can beat them with a Thunderbolt with a Pikachu,or a powerful/weak thunder type.

You can beat him with a Thunderbolt or a Surf.

You can beat him with a Flamethrower.

He is easy,if you have a balanced team.
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SilveRevlis answered:

to pwn Pikachu - Use Earthquake or powerful attack above 100+ because it has weak defense / sp.def stats
Snorlax - Hitmonlee / Hitmonchan or any fighting type that can learn Close Combat
Lapras - Same as Above or use your ampharos' thunderbolt / thunder
Charizard - Yeah Tyranitar .Stone edge is the can take him out easily
Blastoise - Your ampharos can take him out too
Venusaur - your future blaziken or charizard Blazekick will kick venusaurs butt

hope it helps men ^_^
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ryan_luke answered:

You may want to level up your pokemon a bit, i traded a few of my pokemon from platinum, i got a level 100 gallade to beat snorlax with close combat, lvl 90 leafeon to beat blastoise and lvl 90 raichu for lapras and charizard. As for venusaur, i used my typhlosion which was lvl 75 and for pikachu my garchomp lvl 66!!!! pikachu cannot hit garchmop really as electric does not work against him, or you could use tyranitar instead of garchomp.So i only used 5 pokemon so with the other slot i used exp. share on a weak pokemon ( my lvl 5 squirtle ). Also i agree with aris224 about your dragonite.
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bigorange1210 answered:

your team is horrible,Red will CRUSH YOU!i recomendyou having a feraligatr lv86 charizard lv83 blaziken lv89 gengar lv88 steelix lv90+ salamence 85+.My team,magnemite lv94,pikachu 100,totodile 89,starly96,gible96,onix lv100.REDS POKEMON.pikachu lv88,lapras lv80,snorlax lv82,charizard lv84,venusaur lv84,blastoise lv84. HOPED I HELPED YOU!
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squilliam474 answered:

Nice team, but it might not be strong enough to beat him so if you train a little bit more you will be able to kick his butt!!! hope this helps :)
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pokemon7476 answered:

Like what it says in the game believe in your Pokemon with love and trust
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