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Asked: 4 years ago

What is the proper order to beat the kanto gyms?

I think i am all jumbled up. Please help me.

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From: MetalKingBoo 4 years ago

When you first arrive to Kanto, you only have access to these Gyms:
- Vermillion City
- Saffron City
- Celadon City
- Fushcia City
- Cerulean City

Afterwards, you must have completed the Power Plant event (that is, powering up the generator) and remove the Snorlax blocking Diglett's Cave before you can continue on. The Gyms left are:
- Pewter City
- Seaform Island (Blaine's new gym spot)

Once you got 7 badges, talk to Blue in Cinnabar Island and he will open his Gym in Viridian City, where he is the last Gym leader of Kanto.

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It does not matter

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