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Why does my game freeze when i jump over ledges?

Every time i jump over one of the ledges on foot, my game freezes up completely and has to be reset. It only happens when on foot though, not when on the bicycle. I haven't saved since this started to happen and the last thing i have done was a round in the Battle Tower. I'm hoping there is a better solution than "never jump over ledges" or "always use the bike"

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Someguy1212 answered:

You might have a pirated copy.
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Pokemaster728 answered:

The only help I can give for this problem is to trade all of your best/favorite pokemon to a fourth gen. game (diamond/pearl/platinum/soulsilver/heartgold) then restart your game.If it continues to do this even after resetting your game then you might want to get another heartgold game.Hope this helps!
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ashoe3 answered:

have u used
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