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Asked: 4 years ago

What are all of the firestone locations?

I need a second firestone for my eevee cuz i used da first one for my growlithe.

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From: Kraleck 4 years ago

Fire Stones Before the National Dex
--School Kid Alan (Route 36) will randomly call about finding one
--You can buy them from the Pokeathlon Dome on Tuesdays. They cost 3,000 Athlete Points.

Fire Stones After the National Dex
--First Prize in the Bug Catching Contest will be a random Evolution Stone
--The Pokeathlon Dome sells them on Sundays and Thursdays as well
--Bill's Grandfather will eventually ask to see a certain Pokemon (not by name, though, it's Growlithe for HG and Vulpix for SS)
--The "Warm Beach" Pokewalker course can Dowsing Machine for them after 5,000+ steps with a 5% chance

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There are three places to get them it in Game
One of the Prizes for the Bug Catching Contest
Random PokeGear Call from School Kid Alan
Bill's Grandfather, Show him a Growlithe when he asks for "a faithful Pokemon"

Also they can be found on the Warm Beach Pokewalker Course through the Dowsing Game (5000+ Steps)

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Or on a sunday in the Pokeathlon for 2500 athlete points.

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The easiest way to get it is buy at the Pokeathlon, you can buy it on thursday and sunday.
Also when Bill's (grand)father asks for a fire pokemon, show him a growlithe (in HG) or vulpix (in SS), only this is really late in the game.
Last way you can win it in the bug catching contest as a first place prize, but it's a random evolutionary stone.

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