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How do I solve the Ho-Oh puzzle in Runis of Alph?

I want to solve the puzzle but I cant I have tried everything but I just can solve it, someone really gott help me

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Kraleck answered:

If you mean the Unown Text puzzle, have Ho-oh in your party and check your party when in the room. Otherwise, listen to Smoke Rulz.
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SmokeRulz answered:

You solve it... like you solve every other puzzle. The only thing that makes it really difficult is that because of how Ho-Oh is drawn, the pieces are very confusing, so you end up putting some pieces in the wrong spots, even though they may look correct. With enough patience you can solve it, but, if you're really that desperate, here is a screenshot:

I think this is a shot from the original GBC Gold/Silver, but no matter, it should still look basically the same in HG/SS.
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zerojetters answered:

Man, just check on youtube
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