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Shiny stone?

Were can i find a shiny stone?


MetalKingBoo answered:

There are a few methods:
- You'll find a Shiny Stone at National Park. However, you need a Pokemon with the Rock Climb move in order to get to the item. (It's roughly north above the exit that leads to Route 36)
This means you must have all 16 badges as well.

- You can also buy some at the Pokeathlon Dome for 3000 points on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. (You must have the National Dex at least)

- This is a rare case, but if you have the phone number of a trainer on Route 14, he MAY call to say he has a Shiny Stone to give to you.

- And of course, after getting National Dex, there is a chance of retrieving Shiny Stone as 1st prize of the Bug Catching Contest (if not, you'll receive some other evolutionary stone like Water or Sun Stone for example)
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LongVagebond answered:

You can find it in pokealtondome contest...
in the prize change
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zerojetters answered:

I think there is one in Mt' Silver...
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