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How do you make more master balls and rare candies?

You could do this on other pokemon games and want to do it on this one.

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mroblivion94 answered:

If u get a teddiursa it can sometimes pickup rare candies and i think if u win the lotto at the goldenrod radio tower with all numbers matching up u get another masterball
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hallstromjr answered:

You are probably talking about Gen. 1 with the Missingno. glitch.

If you want to maake Master Balls or Rare candies, then you need to buy an Action Replay, which is a cheating device. You can look up the codes online for all items and such, but be warned: they have a possibility to ruin your game so I suggest you not do it.
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Ezz69 answered:

1: legitimate
Pokemon with the "Pick up" ability will pick up rare candies. You cna very occasionally get a masterball from the lottery

2: Cheating
a: Action replay - I'm surprised nobody has yet updated Gamefaqs with a list of codes for all items, I expect the Action Replay site has them already. For some codes, you may totally screw up your cartridge, so care is advised.

b: download a hacked Action Replay save and trade the items across. Helps if you are using another system than AR, or have an (unmentionable copy)

c: if you have an (unmentionable copy), you will need a second DS - copy your original save, transfer required item(s) from save-copy to original save, copy original save again and repeat as required.

So, unless you are willing to cheat, you can't.
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greycrobat answered:

rare candies --> pickup ability
I got 3 pacerichus over lvl 91 a ambipom lvl 100 and a lvl 91 meoth al with pickup. They give me lots of rare candies (and other items too. i got 60 dusk stones >.<)

master bal --> lottery.
one of my friends has got 5 masterbals. he was quite lucky tough.

dont cheat. you fake yourself and the game then.
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andykg answered:

If you make Shuckle hold a Oran berry long enough, it'll become a rarecandy.
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ashoe3 answered:

So where do you catch patchurisu\
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