Question from watertype_lover

Where can i find a metagross?

I really want one.


magikot9 answered:

You can find Beldum (eventually evolves into metagross) in the Forest area of the Safari Zone. In order to customize the Forest to attract a Beldum you need to complete both of the warden's tasks. Takes about 70 days for Beldum to appear.
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tyranitaronweed answered:

What magikot9 said, but I also know two other ways.
1. Have you met Steven already, You got to go into the Vermillion City Pokemon Fan Club and listen to the President's rant. Afterwards, you'll find him again at the Pewter City Museum. Finally, Meet him again in the Silph Co. building and he'll offer to trade you a Beldum for a Foretress.
2.This one you can't get, but there was a wi-fi event a couple months ago that gave you an extra Pokewalker route known as the "Winner's Path". You could get Beldum's there, although the possibility is pretty slim.
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