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Cannot reset Pokewalker?

I only got Heart Gold yesterday and I was busting to use my new Pokewalker, so as soon as I was able to use it, I caught a wild Pokemon, put my starter in the PC and saved the game.
I get to the Pokewalker connection screen and since it was my first time using it on this game, I went through all the instructions, and put my Pokemon in there.
I didn't realize my DS was going flat, because the power light is broken, so as soon as I had my Pokemon in the Pokewalker, my DS went flat before it saved.
I cannot re-connect the Pokewalker to my game, and I can't reset it the normal way (L+X on connection screen), because every time I go to do it, the instructions come back up and I can only take a Pokemon for a stroll rather than being able to return from one and receive gifts as well.
I'd rather not lose the watts collected on my Soul Silver game (10 thousand or so), so is there any other way I can reset my Pokewalker without having to use a different game?

Demotei provided additional details:

Just read somewhere else that you need to press Down+X+L
Still cannot do this as I can't go to the connection screen, on my Heart Gold.


computergeek100 answered:

yes,its UP+SELECT+R.then that should work.if not,ask a friend to do it on their ds.
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