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Where can I find a good Water-Type Pokemon?

I'm level 39 and I need to teach Surf to a Water-Type Pokemon. Where can I find one?

RCT2Man provided additional details:

@girlmagnet96. My Cyquindill(BAD SPELLING.. I think.)Is level 39. And whats a moonstone?
@devilgirl309. I do have a fishing rod and I think your supposed to fish by the dock thing but all it asks me is if I want to use Surf.
BTW I found a Wooper but he dies everytime a pokemon in the water shows up.
ALSO, girlmagnet, I have a nidorian, but all I find in the wild is strong and weak pokemon. The weak barely even gives me XP and the strong just kills it.

Accepted Answer

devilgirl309 answered:

Well..... if you have a fishing rod you can fish for one. Or if your starter pokemon is water you can teach it surf. Or if your like me who has the 3 starter pokemon.... Well you get the point (do you even have a fishing rod??? I need to train for Olivine and im below you and i have a pokemon that can surf....
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girlmagnet96 answered:

Wat you mean about your at lv39 and use rods to get one or get a moon stone and get a nidoran evolve it into nidorino and then evolve nidorino into nidoking and he can learn surf
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Emical_Fire answered:

You have to use the fishing rod from your inventory to use it. I suggest a poliwag. That's what I use.
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vgnerdgrl answered:

You should go to your inventory and select one of you fishing rods. You can use whatever water-type pokemon to teach it surf. For example, I used a Floatzel as my HM slaveand taught him surf and whirlpool. Oh ya, you cant teach a Magikarp surf so, anything but a Magikarp.
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PokemonVeteran answered:

Go to golden rod, in one of the houses is a guy named Bill. He should give you an eevee. if you have a way to get a water stone, then make it a Vaporeon. Or you could take the painful yet rewarding route and train a Magikarp until it evolves into a Gyarados. Tentacool/Tentacruel also work well as Hm users.
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