Question from gerger41

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get Slowpoke to evolve into (Slowking)?

I know it has to hold a kings rock but when i had trained it it was still at a slowpoke. BTW| ITS LVL.100

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From: SmokeRulz 4 years ago

It's an item trade evolution. You have to trade it to another person while holding King's Rock to get it to evolve, then they trade it back to you.

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It is a item trade evolution. It can still be done at level 100. All that needs to happen, is have Slowpoke hold the King's Rock, trade it with a friend, than viola! You now have a Slowking.

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If you can find someone who's slowpoke is the same level as yours then trade them to each other while the slowpoke is holding the king rock. I say trade the same that way you don't have to trade it back to get yours back instead you get one that will grow quicker.

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