Question from gerger41

How do I get Slowpoke to evolve into (Slowking)?

I know it has to hold a kings rock but when i had trained it it was still at a slowpoke. BTW| ITS LVL.100

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SmokeRulz answered:

It's an item trade evolution. You have to trade it to another person while holding King's Rock to get it to evolve, then they trade it back to you.
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hallstromjr answered:

It is a item trade evolution. It can still be done at level 100. All that needs to happen, is have Slowpoke hold the King's Rock, trade it with a friend, than viola! You now have a Slowking.
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BloodyKatrina answered:

If you can find someone who's slowpoke is the same level as yours then trade them to each other while the slowpoke is holding the king rock. I say trade the same that way you don't have to trade it back to get yours back instead you get one that will grow quicker.
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