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What is a hidden ability and how does it work?

I see it all the time when looking up things but can't find an explanation anywhere.

The_Juice_ provided additional details:

No, I saw this when I went on a different site (bulbapedia) and next to each ability it said "hidden ability" and shows another thing it could have.

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RaikouTGC answered:

Ok I just looked it up. Hidden Ability is an ability only fouind on Pokemon in the Online Dream World of the 5th Gen Games, Pokemon transferred from Dream World will retain this ability in the DS Game and Females can pass it on through breeding
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RaikouTGC answered:

Do you mean Hidden Power?

It is a move that the Type and Attack Power are determined by the personal Stats (more commonly reffered as IVs) of the Pokemon it is learned by. So two Pikachus will not likely have the same Hidden Power.

In some cases the Hidden Power may give the Pokemon a Type coverage it normally would not have
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