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Dratinti or Dragonite?

I just got the Dratinti from the Dragons den and I'm wondering if Dragonite would be better. I don't know when you get Dragonite or where but my team Doesn't need it (Gengar,Lapras, Togakiss, Typhlosion, Sneasel) all level 51 before first Elite four battle. But I would like a sixth and its between Dragonite, Dratinti, Snorelax(as I said I can wait), or a later legendary.

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So RaikouTGC should I not evolve Dragonair?

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RaikouTGC answered:


Some things to consider Dratini/Dragonair are Pure Dragon Types meaning they are only weak to Dragon and Ice Attacks, Dragonite is Dragon/Flying Doubling its weakness to Ice Attacks, while also adding a Rock Type weakness and making Electric types do base damage
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Mi10tic_Fan answered:

Em... It's spelled Dratini, and Dragonite is the final evolved form of Dratini. So... probably Dragonite.
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RaikouTGC answered:

No, I would say evolve, but try to cover those weaknesses with Flamethrower and Surf, the Base Stat increase is pretty Drastic making Nite a beast

HP 61->91
Atk 84->134
Def 65->95
SpAtk 70->100
SpDef 70->100
Spd 70-80
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gabouga answered:

If you HAD to pick between Dratini and Dragonite, pick Dragonite. He is the fully evolved form so he is much better. I recommend keeping a dragon-type with you, since the Pokemon Leagues have a Dragon-type master, Lance, at the end.
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Ryuushinjou answered:

Dragonair cannot learn quite as many TMs as Dragonite, being that Dragonite is a dragon/flying type, however, Dragonair will learn all the same natural moves sooner (as with all evolving pokemon). Since it's not essential to you that you add a 6th pokemon to your team right now, evolving to Dragonite is probably a good idea, since worrying about added weakness is not a huge issue if you don't need this pokemon for the League just yet. You can always keep Dragonair for a while and see if it's good enough.

Also, you can buy a second Dratini at the casino in Goldenrod by earning 2,000 coins playing Voltorb Flip, and trading them in to one of the two men sitting at the table. So if you're really stuck, why not get both a Dragonair and a Dragonite?
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zoroark21 answered:

2100 Coins, to be exact.
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