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Shiny Eevee, heartgold...?

So ive been talking to Bill and soft resetting for atleast a week, and still no shiny.

Can anyone send me one? i restarted my game so i only have 4 pokemon total (Croconaw, Pidgeotto, Heracross, and a rattata for cutting, but i'd very much like a shiny eevee to get the sexy umbreon ;) )

Im also fairly new to DS platformed pokemon games, so bear with my stupidity on the matter lol.

Additionally, i just want to make can get eevee eggs by breeding an eeveelution, right? Like say ditto and jolteon make an eevee egg?

It might be easier to send me a personal e-mail at

any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to just get one and finally continue my game lol


mnkysprn answered:

Yes you can get an eevee by breeding an eeveelution with a ditto. Or if you have a female eeveelution you can breed it with any other male pokemon in the same breeding group (Field). Look up breeding groups on

You can improve your chances of hatching a shiny eevee if you breed an eevee you have with a ditto from Japan. This is called the Matsuda Method.

If you want to trade for a shiny eevee, you need to give up another shiny or a really good pokemon (like one with perfect IVs in all stats). This request should be made on the trade boards.
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RaikouTGC answered:

Try the TRADE BOARD not the Answers Board
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