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What is the best strategy for this team ??

I need some information about what itens I put with them, what moves are the best.
Sorry bad english.

Feraligatr - 77 - M -
Nature : Mild
Item : Wave Incense
Moves :
Water Cannon

Raichu - 75 - F
Nature : Lax
Item : Magnet
Volt Tackle
Focus Punch

Sneasel - 50 - F ( trying to evolve )
Nature : Serious
Item :
Ice Shard
Ice Wind
Metal Claw

Dragonite - 62 - F
Nature: Relaxed
Item : Dragon Scale
Hyper Beam
Water Pulse
Dragon Meteor

Charizard - 50 - M
Nature: Relaxed
Item : Charcoal
Dragon Rage
Fire Fang

Sceptile - 50 - M
Nature : Rash
Item : Miracle Seed
Leaf Blade
Rock Smash

Some pokes are with a low level.

p13808 asked for clarification:

Like In-game or competitive?


xguhan answered:

Hi. Your team is pretty good.
But for Dragonite, you could replace Draco Meteor with Outrage. Draco meteor lowers your stats, but Outrage has a large PP amount and almost no downside (execpt for confusion in the end) but you can just switch him out with another Pokemon.

Your items are good.

I recommend a Quick Claw for Raichu, so it can go first.

For Sneasel I recommend that you use something that boosts Ice Type Attacks.

Otherwise, your team is good.
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