Question from brocalicoconut

Asked: 4 years ago

Are shiny pokemon any stronger than regular pokemon?

I mean why does everyone try so hard to catch them by "soft reseting" and breeding cause when I caught a red Gyrados it just has an opposite color scheme and shines in little sparkles when it comes out of the pokeball. if there all the same my dreams have been crushed X0!!!

Accepted Answer

From: life_Iz_Boring 4 years ago

Im sorry to tell you but They are the same. Any shiny will have the same stats as the normal version but you can still EV train and have A kick ass P pokemon okemon

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Shiny Pokemon and Regular Pokemon have the same base stats and the same randomized Nature & IVs. The difference is that a Wild Pokemon has a 1 in 8192 chance of being Shiny (besides that guaranteed Shiny Gyarados in the storyline). Think of it as a collector's item.

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