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Okay, so I heard that if I traded my Rotom from Platinum to my HeartGold, that there is a place in my HeartGold that I can go to to change it into, like a washer or something else. So, what part in the game do I go to to get it??

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I can't be certain but I think it's silph co.. Check the top faq it's in there

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Silph Co

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When you transform Rotom does he automatically learn the different move? Or do you have to level him?

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To change Rotom's Forme, go to the Silph Co building in Saffron City. At the top left of the 1st floor there is an elevator with a sign next to it. If you have Rotom in your party, this elevator becomes unlocked. When you take the elevator, it drops you off in the room with Rotom's appliances. Hope this helps!

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Silph Co.
Top left corner of the 1st floor, there's an elevator. The elevator will only work if you have Rotom out first. When it goes down a floor, you enter a room with 5 appliances. Depending on the appliance, Rotom will change shape and learn a special move.
Fan (Air Slash)
Oven (Overheat)
Fridge (Blizzard)
Washer (Hydro Pump)
Mower (Leaf Storm)

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Well , how did you get Rotom in HG ?

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