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Asked: 4 years ago

Who or what is an Arceus??

And how do you obtain it in HeartGold

Additional details - 4 years ago

Well i have the action replay max but i can't any codes to catch certain pokemon i want

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From: MetalKingBoo 4 years ago

Arecus is Pokemon #493 in the National Pokedex.
Presumably the "creator" or "God" of all Pokemon.

You cannot get Arecus in Heart Gold in-game. The only ways are via special events, wi-fi or hacks.

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Arceus (No. 493 -the Alpha Pokemon) is an incredibly tough Legendary Pokemon presumed to be the creator of the Pokemon Universe. Its ability called "Multitype" allows its type to change along with its held Plate. It is a Normal type Pokemon without a Plate. It can learn any move, like Mew. Arceus cannot be caught in HeartGold or any other game without using a GameShark, an Action Replay, etc. It was available, however, as a Mystery Gift at a past event. Good luck finding one.

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If you still need one, post an "ATTN: XDWarrior" topic in the trade board. I will give you an Event Arceus for anything you want to give me.

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XDWarrior, are you still willing to trade an event Arceus?

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